La Cucina Semplice

Italian cooking classes. It’s amorè than food.

Food for Thought

With the popularity of all things food: celebrity cooking shows, books, blogs, pop-ups, farmers markets...the list goes on, we must assume that most Americans are cooking!

In fact, the opposite is true.

Why is that?

Much has been written about this paradox. In his 2009 New York Times piece, "Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch" Michael Pollan looked at who's cooking dinner (and who's not) since Julia Child brought French food to American housewives. In this engaging and thoughtful article, Pollan examines the culture and content of the modern American kitchen, observes the Food Network, interviews industry professionals, and researches how "we" humanity came to cook our food. He compares today's celebrity culinary teachers to Julia Child and writes about the main ingredient she introduced to novice cooks—courage.

That's right, not tarragon, but courage. After nine years of teaching I’ve found that what has held my students back from trying to make simple risotto on a Tuesday night is the fear that it won't come out right. And the idea that cooking is difficult, time consuming, and work. At La Cucina Semplice, I aim to offer another perspective. No doubt, I love to cook. I've worked in restaurants, owned restaurants, and still, I make dinner almost every night. I think about dinner when I'm having my morning cappuccino. In my classes I attempt to infuse my students with the joy of culinary creation, whether they’re pounding pork cutlets, "flipping" pasta, or rolling gnocchi for the first time.

La Cucina Semplice, means The Simple Kitchen. For more information on classes, private parties, and community events, please visit